Sidney Can’t Sleep (Toddler to age 5)

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Sidney Can’t Sleep

by Lyn Garrett

Chapter 6

Being carried upside-down began to make Sidney feel a little bit sick, but suddenly he was grasped by gentle arms and was cradled upright again. A hairy mouth cooed tenderly in his ear, as its owner swung him gently towards a nest in a tree. This new monkey cuddled Sidney and stroked his hair. Sidney felt safe again.

The morning sun streamed into his eyes from the window, and suddenly Sidney was awake. He felt the monkey’s hand on his hair and he jumped! But it wasn’t a monkey stroking his head, after all. It was his mother. She smiled lovingly at him and murmured, “Good morning, Honey. Did my little man count many sheep?” “Yes, Mom,” he said eagerly, “and they put me right to sleep!” Sidney’s mother tousled his hair. “It’s time for breakfast, Sweetheart. Get dressed and come downstairs.” She smiled. As Sidney made his bed, he glanced at the stuffed sock monkey in the corner. Sidney wasn’t positive, but he could have sworn he had just seen that monkey wink at him!

The End


Sidney Can’t Sleep

Chapter 5

Sidney was soon coughing and gasping for breath. He awoke, pulled his pillow from his face and gulped deep breaths of air. “Whew!” He said out loud. That was a bit much, he thought. If this is to work I must choose something a little less exciting. Sidney spied his stuffed monkey sitting in the dim light of the corner of his room. He closed his eyes and imagined again:

I am really very tired but cannot go to sleep

Maybe my little monkey will help me make the leap

Suddenly, Sidney was in a steamy jungle. Vines hung from the trees and hundreds of giant monkeys clung to the vines, swooping back and forth through the trees. Sidney stared open-mouthed and then felt a blow from behind. A strong arm wrapped around his waist. A loud chattering began and the monkeys went wild. They swung on the vines faster and faster. Sidney was grabbed by another monkey and swung to the left. Sidney wasn’t sure if this was fun or scary! A third monkey grabbed him by the foot and he was looking dizzily down at the jungle floor as he flew over it, upside down.


Sidney Can’t Sleep

Chapter 4

The other astronauts unhooked their belts and began to float around the ship. Sidney unhooked his belt, too, and floated to a round window. He looked outside, and his mouth dropped open as he saw a gigantic space station. One of the astronauts tapped Sidney on the shoulder and said, “You’ll have to go outside and hook us up. The automatic hook-up isn’t working.” He wrapped a harness around Sidney and handed him a tool. Sidney was nervous, but it was all so exciting!

The door opened and Sidney stepped outside. He floated toward the space station, his tether rope the only thing connecting him to the ship. He was just a few feet from the space station when a blaze of white light blinded him and he was jerked away from both the ship and the station. He was being dragged through space by a comet!

Before Sidney had time to react, the tether rope snapped, cutting off Sidney’s air supply!  “Uh-oh!” thought Sidney, as he took a big gulp of air and held his breath.  “I wonder where this comet is going to take me?”


Sidney Can’t Sleep

Chapter 3

A large paper parade dragon passed dangerously close to Sidney. He was so startled he fell back into the hole! This time the fall was much quicker and Sidney saw the grass of the pasture flying towards him at an incredible speed. He wasn’t sure if he felt scared or excited. Thud! Sidney hit the ground and woke up from his dream. He was on his bedroom floor, his legs twisted in the sheets. He groaned and pulled himself back into bed. “That was rather fun,” he thought, “Although the last part was a little rough. I must try that again.”

I’m really very tired and cannot go to sleep.

I think I’ll count astronauts instead of boring sheep.

So, Sidney began again. This time he imagined a huge space rocket about to blast off into  space. The astronauts lined up and entered the space capsule. One…..two………three……..and suddenly, Sidney was on that very same space ship! Sidney heard a rumbling. He took a deep breath as his head pulled back against the seat as the rocket blasted off into space. After a few minutes, Sidney felt his body begin to float and pull against the seat belt and he realized they were already in space!


Sidney Can’t Sleep

Chapter 2

As Sidney lay in the grass, he heard a buzzing sound. The sound got louder and louder. He sat up and saw a dark cloud moving toward him. It was bees!! A lot of them! They were coming straight for him! Sidney jumped up and ran across the meadow. His legs were pumping. His heart was thumping. The bees were right behind him and getting closer!

Sidney looked over his shoulder at the bees and then stepped into thin air. He was falling into a huge hole. He fell faster and faster. The bees did not follow as Sidney fell on and on, end over end, faster and faster through the darkness of the giant hole. Far away, Sidney glimpsed a light at the end of the hole. As he neared the light, he grasped the edge and pulled himself up onto the grass and sat down.

Sidney looked around and saw people in strange clothing and buildings like he had never seen before. Large paper dragons were parading down the street and people were speaking to each other in a different language. Sidney realized he was in China!


 Sidney Can’t Sleep

Chapter 1

Sidney lay in bed and watched the moonlight filter through the curtains. He sighed. It’s much too early to sleep, he thought. He got up, pushed the curtains back and leaned his head on the cool glass of the window. He watched the cars moving slowly down the street. Then he got cold and hopped back into bed. What was it Mommy said to do when I can’t sleep? He thought for a moment, pulled up the covers and closed his eyes.

I’m really very tired but cannot go to sleep

So I will do what Mommy says and practice counting sheep

Sidney pictured a grassy meadow. A herd of fluffy, white sheep were jumping over a fence one at a time. Sidney began to count……one……two……three…..Suddenly, Sidney found himself in that very same pasture! He could smell the clover and hear the baaaaaa of the sheep. Sidney laughed, spread his arms wide and began spinning in the grass. He spun and spun until he toppled over, giggling to himself.

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