The Battle of Arthen (PG)

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The Battle of Arthen

 A short story by Logan

 Age 11

Arthen, a peaceful island, with many merchants, blacksmiths, and cozy houses. The people of this fair land were the kindest you could ask for. But their ruler was dark and cruel. He made the blacksmiths forge the sharpest swords, and he would use them to slay the slaves that displeased him.

The king loved this, however this was not enough. On this day, a cruel smile crept across his twisted face. This tyrannical plan that Leniel, the leader, had thought of was to ask his guard to bring up his treasure from the catacombs, and wait. For Leniel knew dragons loved food and any kinds of treasure, especially Korfet, the dragon most feared by the people. He would then blame it on the blacksmiths, for they had the most food and war would erupt. The king chuckled evilly to himself, because he could already hear a distant roar.

The children of Arthen were playing; laughing and tagging, but all of this joyfulness was lost as a giant silhouette loomed over the island. Screams of terror escaped from the mouths of women and children. It was Korfet. The dark, black dragon landed on two houses, the inhabitants of them barely escaping. The beast let out a mighty roar, sending even the bravest of men to cower behind the merchant’s stalls.

One of these hidden men saw a blacksmith carrying his food down into the cellar of his house: “Traitor!”  He shouted. The hoarding blacksmith turned, saw this man and ran. “Fool! You lured the dragon here with your precious food, all of you! You shouldn’t deserve to live!” Other men heard the blacksmith’s outburst and discovered he was right.

They scrambled to the nearest house and got weapons. Pandemonium ensued. Korfet burned as many houses as he could see, and when he was satisfied, he flew off. As all this happened, a traveling wizard, Keito, saw a small island in the distance. “Ah, a perfect place to-“ He stopped mid-sentence as he saw the island give off a red glow. “My goodness! Seflo mer tem makko!” The boat he was on zoomed forward towards the burning island.

At the dock, Keito stood in terror as he saw all the fighting. He could not stand it. “Omma kurr ful tok lat…” he chanted over and over. Water began to rise and a massive wave swept all the flames away. The battle was over, but Leniel could not be found. He has not been seen at all. But in fact, he is telling this story to you right now.

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